AppsEvents Google for School Leaders strand featuring 'Future Ready Schools'

A Walk in the Clouds for Leadership…How Google Apps and the Future Ready Schools Movement can Transform Your Schools.

This strand will be led by Rowland Baker, who’s unique skills and expertise has allowed him to present at hundreds of  Educational Conferences across the United States as well as over 20 countries around the world.  Besides presenting to educators world-wide, he has been requested to keynote internationally with businesses as well Congressional Staff in the United States.  In June of 2015, he was invited to the White House to present his work with Education. 

Session 1 
  • What does it mean to be a Google school?
    • We start from the basics and take a high level look at what it means to be a Google school
    • We explain how Google Apps for Education works, what Apps are included in the ‘core suite’ and what other ‘non core’ Google Apps you can use
    • We cover a lot of basic stuff to be sure all attendees are starting from the same level such as: Do you need a Google Server? Can you use Google in your school if you are running on a MS base? Do all students need an account on your domain? Can one teacher run Google Classroom if we are not a Google School? etc. etc.
  • How can Google help me and our leadership team in our jobs?
    • This is where we get into Forms, shared Docs, research, etc. We focus in on the best practices for using Google Drive and Docs specifically for school management with specific examples of using forms, spreadsheets and more
    • We also look at using Google tools for:
      • Leadership teams
      • Accreditation (for example by CIS WASC and NEASC which is something schools go through every 5 and 10 years and with Google Apps this process has become much more efficient and effective)
      • Work flows, meeting minutes
      • Structure and Google Drive folder expectations and protocols
      • What is some of the latest research tell us about Future Trends in Education
      • What does it mean to be a Future Ready School?
Sessions 2: 
This session will take a deeper dive into the Future Ready School Initiative. Future Ready Schools is now helping thousands of schools worldwide effecting over 16 million students. It is designed to maximize digital learning opportunities and help school districts move quickly toward preparing students for success in college, a career, and citizenship. We will look at why Future ReadyFRS dashboard and the powerful tools that helps us lead in 7 areas:
  • Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment
  • Use of Time
  • Technology, Networks, and Hardware
  • Data and Privacy
  • Community Partnerships
  • Professional Learning
  • Budget and Resources
As part of the session, we will have a “hands on” experience of the “School Leadership Survey”, and best ways to implement it. We will end with looking at 5 next steps to get started in your school, and the alignment with hundreds of resources.

“Future Ready Schools” initiative is free to all schools in the US, with special permission granted to Apps Events to use in their trainings worldwide.

About the Speaker

Rowland Baker has been an educator for over thirty years in both public and private schools. He served as a teacher for fourteen years, a principal in two different schools, a director of technology and an assistant superintendent of curriculum and instruction in a county of about 45,000 students. He has also directed several statewide projects for the California Department of Education. 

Rowland is currently Executive Director of the Technology Information Center for Administrative Leadership (TICAL), funded through the California Department of Education.
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